Fixed Assets Management System (Barcode / RFID)


We provide complete solutions for Asset Management i.e. recording / Tagging / verification / Reconciliation /Reporting of Fixed Assets on Periodical basis It includes.

  • FA Register
  • Matching Physical Assets with Books Data
  • Depreciation (As per company act & Income tax Law)
  • MIS Reporting


At TS Informatics  software provide answer for the following

  • Where is Asset
  • Who is Responsible for the Asset
  • What is the utilization of the Asset
  • What is the status of the Asset
  • What is the current location of the Asset
  • What is the total cost of the Asset
  • What is depreciated value of the Asset (to be shown in the Balance Sheet)

Traditional Way: Manually verifying all the Assets on periodical basis and manually maintenance of Fixed Assets Register, Depreciation Register

Automated way: Tagging of barcodes /RFID on the Assets through customized Application and then scanning of Assets on Periodical basis. The registers are maintained in the Application.

Unique feature available is easy matching of physical assets record  with books records.

                                               (Ground  ==> Books Matching)
While traditional way is   (Ground  <== Books )


We are providing end to end solution on Fixed Assets Management.  We undertake complete project labeling on Assets, entering bills data then mapping  physical data of Assets Books date. This exercise will help to update maintain FA register since beginning.

 We also offer Training, Consulting and Project Management services to our clients. Our implementation methodology is well proven and assures you of successful outcome.  Our professional team can configure software, capture data, reconcile your complete assets records  very fast with far greater accuracy.  Normally most  organizations  would take  a long time to attempt this.