Brief Speed Gate

The brief speed gate is a quick and safe passage of electromechanical integration with high stability. The glass door wing can swing to an angle of up to 90° to quickly open and close the passage and realize access control of people.

This series of products utilize the access control experience of Stanley for two decades and its unique advantage in the electromechanical product manufacturing base for 15 years, and showcase strict security measures and stable mechanical performance, applicable to all kinds of control sites of indoor exits and entrances.

Characteristics Advantages
Various door wing types, in the sturdy and durable
all-steel structure, 1.5 mm-thick AISI 304 stainless steel
adopted on the surface, undergoing bright mirror or
drawing process treatment, with a long service life and
low noises; quick and easy installation, flexible system
  • Multi-stage design of the door wing operating speed, free of impact.
  • Lamplight and digital prompt, facilitating access control
    Setting different security levels for respective users expansion and integration; providing personalized.
  • Professional motor and high strength driving products, professional one-stop solutions and system, able to stably operate in the case of comprehensive supporting service.



Technical Specifications Application Scope
Enclosure material AISI 304 stringy stainless steel (1.5 mm)
Passage length 1500 mm
width: 500 mm * 900 mmThis passage can be used by this type of users.
The width supports this type of users, but these users
cannot be completely supported due to restrictions of the length or matched detection conditions.
Not applicable at all.