EAS RF Gates & systems deters


RF Gates & systems deters theft by activating alarm when it detects the unique response of an active reusable tags or disposable Tags. Specifications are as under.

  • Scan Range : Soft Labels Upto 1.4 m
    • Hard Tags upto 2.0 m
  • Frequency : 8.2 Mhz
  • Receiving Technology : Digital Signal Processor (DSP) LED
  • Antenna frame and crossbars constructed from high quality materials.
  • Moving Field Detection Systems
  • Fully compatible with all 8.2 Mhz reusable hardtags and disposable labels.
  • Modern and Trendy Design
  • Excellent detection of Tags and Labels
  • Robust and Maintenance free systems
  • Economical protection for most environment with high performance levels.
  • Built in alarm systems