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HYUNDAI i20 Mall Activation


Objective :
Leverage the Uber Life campaign for i20 & create an exciting on ground platform where mall visitors can click and share their pictures on Facebook realtime.


Our Offerings:
Facebook Photo booth  User Logs in with FB credentials & clicks his picture through the web cam integrated with the module.
Photo is shared on his wall instantly via the FB app with a customised message as status update.
Visitor could see his picture on the big display added to the i20 shaped collage made from all pictures clicked on that particular site.

Event was run simultaneously across six major malls spread over different cities.




*This campaign has won the Yahoo big idea chair award-2012 for best use of technology.

Objective :Create a unique blend of offline and online experience fully integrated with social media for virality.


Our Offerings :
On Site Visitor Registration through web app & issue RFID Smart Cards
blog-1-3Placed LIKE Pillars at strategic places against the cars on display & mapped content like

FB Post, You Tube Videos etc with respective pillars
Visitors can post FB likes for the respective car on display by flashing their card against the pillar & also put user comments, status updates on their FB wall real time.
EON Photo Terminal – Visitor could get their pictures clicked & post on Facebook wall real time along with EON Tag line “ XYZ is on EON”.
Twitter Zone – On a single button, visitors could tweet using the customized hash tags & follow the twitter handle of Hyundai.
We also made a customized tweet deck to display all the tweets using the specific hash tag.


Innovations in Customer Engagement


As marketers we had been devising new and innovative ways of customer engagements. The latest in the bag of tricks is the “Digital Media” which includes social media like Facebook and Twitter. Softwares and other high-end technologies have always been used for critical applications, but rarely as a marketing tool for customer engagement.

The team at TS analyzed these technologies and found them just apt for creating a great customer experience and engagement. Just imagine, if you go to buy a car, scan the car with your smartphone and all the features of the car and the competing cars information comes to your cell phone or mailed to you. Imagine driving the car without actually stepping into it.

Another interesting scenario, just imagine how the dress or jewellery that you just selected would look on you without actually trying them. In an in-store environment just click on an exotic vegetable or meat and you would see the recipes pop up on your mobile phone. The applications are just infinite!

Be it in-store engagement or mall activations or exhibitions, the digital engagement is the way to go. At TS we had been working on technologies like –

Facebook and Twitter App Developments
Augmented Reality
Matrix Effect
Mobile App Development for Android, Apple and Blackberry platforms
QR Codes
There are few more to create innovative and eye-opening customer engagements. As an organization we are thrilled at the prospects and convinced that there are a lot more delights in for customer in his/her path to purchase.

Augmented Reality in Marketing Campaigns


Augmented Reality is here real time and can be leveraged in marketing and promotional campaigns. We are experimenting with a lot of concepts and the prospects look exciting.

Working on projects for point of sale at modern trade, mall activations and exhibitions, FireArc intends to take digital marketing to a new experience level altogether.

If you need a great concept for Augmented Reality and need to plan in advance as the development takes time and at times synchronization and rehearsals also take some time. We look forward to some ground breaking work in Augmented Reality soon.